Friday, July 25, 2008

Making Primitive Twig Scarecrows With Friends

I had my camera with me, so had to take pictures. 3 of us got together today to make scarecrows.We were at my best friend Chris's farm. Chris has a beautiful place. She's going school to become a nurse and had a full time job. She just quit her job, I don't know how she's kept up with everything.

The barn is new, it had to be rebuilt. The old one collapsed in a bad storm.

Liz and I got to Chris's in the morning and started in. Not long after we got to Chris's we discovered that we had forgotten alot of the supplies we needed. So both of us went back to our houses to get stuff.

3 scarecrows are about finished. If you are wondering... we got the pattern out of the Country Living Seasons At Seven Gates Farm. It is one of my favorite books!!!

This is one of Chris's scarecrow. There were twigs still attached. The twigs looked like arms,it looks so good.

This is my scarecrow. It is made out of Cherry, looks like the old guy has a sunburn. I still need to attach his arms. I used an old lid and flipped it over. I'm going to put birdseed in the rim of the hat. I have a couple more to finish. I will post pictures after I get them finished.


  1. HEY! I made one of these scarecrow guys several years ago with friends. He is falling apart from the weather - guess I should get him spruced up again. Yours looks really good!

  2. Those are so KEWL! I might have to try to make myself one.... when I find some extra time.

    Julie, I've given you an award. You can pick it up on my blog when you get a chance.


  3. Julie, a friend made me one of those scarecrows and then we sold a bunch in our shop. I love that Seasons book too. So inspiring.
    I met James and Dean at a wholesale show when the book first came out, they were very witty and had such great ideas.
    Your gardens are too die for. Mine just grown and get out of hand, guess i should thin a bunch of stuff out but love all the color running into each other.
    You deserve your reward.

  4. Love your scare crow guys.
    What a beautiful farm to create at.
    Just found your blog today, very good job.

    katie from primitive woolen