Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lake Erie~Marblehead

Today we went to visit my father inlaw. He bought a new toy for himself, a Segway. This is great for Tom's dad. He takes it on his boat and when he stops he uses it to get around the islands. This is my husband Tom riding on it. He LOVED it. He wants to get one for the barn. LOL!
I tried riding it and drove it around a little. But what you aren't seeing in the picture is all my brother inlaws watching. So I had them and 15 people telling me how to ride it. I could of have done a better job of riding it if everyone wasn't watching me.
The pictures aren't the greatest I took them with my cell phone.

My father inlaw's new boat at the dock. It's brand new and back at Clemons to get ready for a 3 week boat trip to Canada. He's heading up to Honey Harbour Canada. That's where my husband and I honeymooned. My inlaws brought their boat up then but we could never meet up with them. No cell phones then.

The Nansea is named after my mother inlaw, Nancy that passed away 4 years ago. We all miss her.

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