Thursday, June 5, 2008


I finally got Tansy growing. I just love it. It looks like a fern and it's so hardy.

Bought the water can at Scott's Antique Show. It's one of those from Europe. Love the spout.

We had to cut down the tree that was shading these hostas. I think I'm probably goignt to have to move them. They're getting too much sun.


  1. Julie, you have such a wonderful touch with outdoor "decorating" !! Wish you could come to my house and give my outers a make over like this! LOL!
    Must have been a ton of work - as it definitely shows. Kudos!! :D

  2. Julie,

    I love your blog, and visit it often! Love the gardens, rugs, and even the family pics.

    Where on earth do you get all of your energy to have such gorgeous gardens, your business, and such a lovely family?

  3. Thanks Trudy and Brenis! Let me tell ya I run out of energy alot!LOL!!