Monday, August 5, 2013

One of My Favorite Things.... Rocks

It was beautiful  in Ohio today.
Usually it is hot and humid this time of year.
Today it was in the 70's.
I'm sure the weather will change.

I love this little rock that I bought at Quail Crest in Wooster.
There is a woman that sells rocks and I love them.
She has been at Simple Goods, Malabar Farm, 
In the Spirit of Friends Show, and Quail Crest.
Every time I go to a show I look for the rock lady.
Yesterday we had sweet corn for supper, it 
was so good!!
So I went back and bought more tonight.
I like to fix it all and what we don't eat
I cut off the cob and freeze.
Tomorrow I'm going to buy more, might
as well eat it while we can.
Until next time.... Julie


  1. Morning Julie, love your rocks, I like rocks too......Yum Yum, sweet corn is the best...Enjoy, Francine.

  2. That heart-n-hand rock is awesome - I've never seen anything like it. I collect rocks when we travel - wish I'd written locations on them as I found them, cuz now I can't remember where they all came from! LOL

  3. Beautiful rock...and this fall like Ohio weather has been wonderful. Enjoy your week ((hugs))lil raggedy angie

  4. For the time being the weather in Maine has been simply perfect, very September like. We too have been enjoying local sweet and delicious. Your flower gardens have done well, so very pretty. I too enjoy rocks...dare I admit I secretly brought a small rock home from the Battlefield at Gettysburg and added it to our stone wall. Let's hope this wonderful weather continues, greetings from Maine, Julie.