Friday, August 2, 2013

Can't Predict the Weather

Last summer we had a drought, so this spring thought 
I would plant alot of succulents.
This summer we've had rain about everyday!
The succulents are doing well though.
 I love hostas and collect different ones. 
Huge ones to the tiniest.

 Another plant that did well in the drought last summer was Lantana.
They've held up in the rain.
I'm planting them again next spring.
Until next time... Julie


  1. My lantana has done very well, we had lots of rain this year too. your flowers are very pretty!

  2. Hi, Julie,
    Your flowers are lovely. I live in Ohio, too (sw Ohio), also on a farm, and, like you, love rug hooking, gardening, sewing, stitching, etc. The picture on Facebook of your farm with silos is so pretty.

  3. Very nice - seems I can't grow anything pretty so I don't really try.
    Except for my Hosta - I have several in the back garden but the sweet bunnies decided that it was their meal so there are no flowers on them - stems are chewed right down to the leaf and they eat the leaves even nests on one of the

  4. Morning Julie, your gardens are so beautiful, the Hostas are wonderful.....hope the sun shines for you soon, Blessings Francine.

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous!!!

  6. Your gardens REALLY NEED to be in a magazine!!! You ARE a Master Gardener!!!

  7. I love that everything is still green and it's August!!! What a treat to not have to water and still watch it all turn brown. Your yard is lovely...I, too agree it should be in a magazine!
    Hugs :)