Monday, April 1, 2013


 We had a very nice Easter. My sister and her family were on vacation, so we missed them.
We had fun at my mom and dad's, it was fun to have a little one. 
It did rain here.
Have you heard the saying, if rains on Easter Sunday
it rains for the next 7 Sundays?
Awwww Joy!
 You can feel spring in the air.
I am just starting to think about flowers.

 I bought more of this fencing. 
 I love red geraniums!
 I will have to plant more color, thought this was too 
bland. I love hot pinks and reds!
Hope you don't get too many April fool's jokes!
Have a great day!


  1. Happy Ril Fools Day, love all your pictures of the pretty flowers....glad you enjoyed a family Easter, never heard that saying....Cold but sunny here......Spring Blessings Francine.

  2. I can feel the sunshine on my face through your pictures Julie!
    Oh I can't wait.....
    Blessed be!

  3. Happy Easter, Julie! Thanks so much for the pictures of flowers and sunshine! Inspiration to the max! I think the red geraniums survived the deer snack-a-thon last year... so I might just be planting them this year...

  4. beautiful flowers! they look so vibrant and sweet, I love the porch!

  5. i too have been dreaming of flowers too! i love fibrous begonias! they do wonderful in sun or shade!.. love love spring! now if we could get rid of these snow piles... enjoy!

  6. Julie ~
    Another cold one here today :( Thanks for a bit of spring through your pictures. Your gardens are absolutely wonderful. Truly a labor of love.
    Hugs :)

  7. Love that fencing and your garden areas are fantastic. Lots of work I'm sure! Have a wonderful week :)Ginger

  8. Oh my!!! Your flowers looks beautiful!!!! Waiting patiently for the warm breeze to make its way to my house!!! It looks like next week!