Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Making Bee Skeps

Yesterday, my friend Chris and I got together and made bee skeps. We have been talking about making them for months. This is a picture of mine. We made them in Chris's garage,hopefully they have dried enough to bring it home today.
We used cement with no gravel,straw,peat moss and vermiculite. 1 part Portland cement(or cement with no gravel) 1½ parts peat 1½ parts vermiculite straw few handfuls cut up
Mixed it all up by hand,which took ALOT of muscle.
Chris used the cone and I used a base from a bird bath. We covered them with plastic and I sprayed with canola oil.
This is Chris's. This is the first time we've made bee skeps. We have made hypertufia planters before and they have stayed together. Now I want to make more!! Until next time.... Julie


  1. way too cool i want to do some know too, thanks for sharing....

  2. I want to make some, too! Can you give us the "recipe?" They look wonderful!

  3. Hello,Wow,love the bee skep,did a great job. I always wanted one for my garden,maybe will try to make one also. Thanks for sharing,Warm Blessings Francine.

  4. Very cool, Julie!
    I've been wanting to try those, too. Last fall I even got some straw from a friend (I'm!) but have not yet done it. Maybe you've inspired me :)
    Hugs :)

  5. Love love love them. I have been looking for a straw on since my old one rotted. this looks great!

  6. Interesting, is this garden art, or will bees really go in and build a hive?

  7. Great job ladies!