Monday, April 23, 2012

A Windy Monday

This past weekend I went to Walnut Creek for a hook in. There was lots of beautiful wool and lots of rug patterns. Love seeing the rugs that other hookers brought for the show. I didn't bring an because I let a little early, it was the OSU spring football game. Had to get back to watch. This first rug was one of my favorites, I really need to hook a rug like this to get rid of all my extra strips. It was hooked by Marlene who works at Country Craft Cupboard. She also has a line of patterns she has designed.
This one was hooked by Melanie, Marlene's sister. She said she used cookie cutters and designed around the shapes.
The Ohio rug was beautiful.


  1. Julie ~
    Love the rugs, especially the one hooked by Melanie.
    It's been windy "up north", too.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Love the rugs, thanks for sharing!

  3. thanx for sharing all the rugs! i love your rugs and cant believe how much you get done!its finely sunny and warm up north so i am playing outside today! enjoy your day!