Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Flowers To Plant...

Even though it hasn't been a bad winter, I am looking forward to spring. Usually about this time of the year, I start the annual dreaming about flowers. I try to decide what flowers I'm going to plant and where. Next week I'm going to start some seeds. Before we know it spring will be here.
There is lots of stuff inside that I would like to get done before spring arrives. I have to admit I have been spending alot of time on Pinterst. It is like looking at an endless magazine. There are so many ideas,or about anything you're interested in. I am hooking a rug hope to get it finished by the weekend. Until next time!! Julie


  1. You ~ not the robin ~ are the first harbinger of Spring!!

  2. Julie ~
    Your gardens are always so lovely. I, too, am ready for spring!
    Everyone says how addicting Pinterest is. I refuse to even take a look, but I think I'm beginning to weaken. Argh! Another thing to take up time ~ just what I DON'T need.
    Happy hump day!
    Hugs :)

  3. Your gardens look beautiful!!!! That is the thing I miss about moving near the river..don't have the yard like I use to. However the view from our dock is also wonderful. I was also like you, constantly going through all of my seed and garden catalogs. Good luck choosing. Take care, Janice