Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Rug Redo

Holy Cow!! Thought I was going bonkers!! All day long my blog has been all out of order, now it's back. I didn't do a thing to fix it. Last fall I bought this primitive fence, at first just a few pieces. I went back and bought more, can't wait to put all up this spring.
I also redid this rug with different color, I listed it on Ebay. It was such a beautiful day in Ohio, but I hear we're supposed to get snow in a couple days. Makes things interesting. Until next time..Julie


  1. Loved the pics..we are suppose to get 6 to 10 inches of snow here in or neck of the woods in Michigan, Take care Janice

  2. Better not use that s word! Yes it was a beautiful day - any day without s is good. L.O.V.E. that fence.

  3. Love the rug! I've had Spring planting on my brain for awhile now... we've had such a mild winter and I am ever so thankful for that! I hope the snow rumor melts quick!

  4. I don't mind a little snow now and again, but it's spring fever time now, so I don't want to hear about snow coming at this point! I haven't heard the forecast for the weekend here in the northeast -- don't want to look now!
    That fence is wonderful --- such a pretty picture! Love your hooked rug as well!
    Enjoy your day...

  5. Love your rug Julie! I wouldn't mind alittle snow then onto spring.