Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Flowers

BRRRR! It's been cold. We turned our furnace on last night. I thought I better get out and take pictures of my flowers before they get frosted. It's the time of year to get flower beds cleaned up, I'm going to wait til it frosts though.

I planted my dahlia tubers late this spring, so they are starting to bloom now. The rest of my flowers are about done.

I ordered these dahlias from Swan Island Dahlias. I can't believe how nice they are. The tubers were small, so I thought they might do better the 2nd year.

I love zinnias too.

This week our town is having their annual street fair. The weather is supposed to be sunny. My kids will be coming home and my father inlaw will be here. It will be a fun week. Happy Sunday!


  1. Hi..yep the weather has gotten cold.. time for the old furnace geeze not supposed to be time for i but I admit I even turned mine on..

    Your Dallia's are beautiful..mine didn't do well at all this year.

    Have a great week with the family..


  2. Your flowers are beautiful. None of my summers flowers did well, but I put mums in early this year b/c of a bridal shower we were having here and they are doing beautifully!! (I am surprised b/c I have anything but a green thumb!!)

    Have a great week!!

  3. your flower gardens still look amazing.
    It is chilly here but I have not turned the heat on yet.

  4. Your flowers are just so beautiful! I love the wooden trellises too! The dahlias are beautiful colors!