Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pumpkin Hill Rug

Good evening!!

I finished this hooked rug today.

It is a new Country Stitches pattern, love her patterns!

What a difference a few days make, it was in the 90's Saturday.

Today it in the mid 60's, I was actually wearing a sweatshirt.

Fall is in the air, I'm not ready for it.

The cooler weather has gotten me in the mood to decorate for fall.

I'm still having trouble commenting on blogs,

I love reading everybody's blogs but can't comment.

Someone suggested to delete my cookies,

I did still can't.

Until next time.....


  1. Hi Julie...here's the problem with commenting on blogger. Kelley figured it out and shared it with us. When you go to you sign in page, make sure that the box that says "keep me signed in" is UNchecked. It is ALWAYS checked when you sign in...so uncheck it. It has worked for just about everyone who has had a problem. I couldn't post on anyone's blog either. Hope it will help you!

    I love your new rug! Brenda's designs are awesome...so simple...so sweet! I still don't know how you and Rhonda hook so fast...hmmmmm..gonna have to come down to Ohio and take speed hooking lessons! Hope to see you at the Malabar Show. Not much promotion for it this year...I hope people will come ;-( !

  2. Julie ~
    When Bobbie comes for her speed hooking lessons, I want to come too :) Another beautiful rug!
    I had to get the jeans out last evening. It is way too chilly for me and I am just not ready for fall either! I tried to find my little portable heater...hhhmmmmm....now where did I put it?
    Pug hugs :)

  3. I love that rug! Super job. I had a follower who had trouble posting on my blog. So, apparently it's somewhat random. She could post on other blogs. I did redo some settings but I'm not sure if it fixed the problem. Blogger is ornery!

  4. I love your rug! It's very chilly here, we've actually had to have fires in the woodstove the last two nights & I brought out the sweatshirts. Have a grand day.

  5. Love your rug Julie. The colors are perfect.

  6. love your rug. you did a great job on it. love the colors. thanks for sharing

  7. Thanks everybody!!! I did what Bobbie said and it fixed it!!

  8. Julie - love your rug - as always - they just get better and better! I could never pick a favorite! Blogger is a pain with that - I've been doing teh uncheck thing too for a while and it's working - thank goodness - don't have a clue why this is but at least you normally only have to sign in once a day even with the box unchecked - so that's not too bad.

  9. Love that rug! You are so fast! I purchased this pattern and haven't even finished the punchneedle version of it! lol! I'm enjoying the cooler weather too...

  10. Just love this rug!!!! Please post a picture of where you place it or hang it. Its just beautiful

  11. Love your new rug...it is gorgeous!Hugs,Jen

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  13. Julie,
    Love this rug! It's super adorable!