Monday, September 19, 2011

Harvesting Corn

My flowers are still blooming.

I'm still watering and fertilizing them.

Today has been dreary and gloomy.

We are harvesting the corn on our farm.

The guys are finishing up today,it hasn't rained enough

to keep them out of the fields.

Lindsay is back at college, so we're empty nesters again.

Maddie harvested her ear of corn.
This is the chopper.
It looks like a transformer,
it is an awesome machine.

I did the picture backwards.
After the corn is chopped in the trucks they dump
and then they pack the pile of corn silage.
It preserves it.
We feed corn silage to our 500 heifers
I was riding in the silage truck with Tom.
We don't have a long way to go, just across the road.
They get alot done being so close.
There were 4 trucks running yesterday.

This is what it looks like inside the truck getting a load.

They were opening up a new field.

Meet Chumlee!

Yes, named after Chumlee on Pawn Stars.

Hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. love the post. What is hanging on the fence in the first picture. Is it sweet annie? I thought you were in a tornado or something. The debris on the windshield looks like things flying thru the air. Scary. Thanks for sharing. Lisa

  2. Hi Julie,
    Loved this post! My brother used to have an old english sheepdog named Chumlee! I didn't realize you were such a large farm. Are you dairy farmers? Love Maddie with her own corn cob, just so she doesn't swallow it whole. I knew a golden that did that once and had to have surgery to have it removed and no it wasn't mine thank God. Really enjoyed this post!!


  3. Hi!
    Thanks! Yes, that's Sweet Annie. I know you shouldn't put out like that. I'm allergic to it. The stuff on the windsheild is silage, it's like a mower and it flies.
    Cyndi- we milked cows on our farm for years but, sold them. Now we raise heifers for other dairy farms. I'm glad we don't have to milk them.

  4. What a wonderful post! Maddie's pic just made me smile!! I can feel the energy and smell that fresh corn in the air!! Chumley looks like he's on high alert too and such a pretty boy!!
    Love the transformer corn picker!!
    Cathy G

  5. Hi Julie,
    Just love all the pictures of your OH farm! Brings back lots of memories for me!
    Wow, your farm is HUGE and all that equipment is HUGE too!!
    Just LOVED the pic of Maddie with her corn...too cute for words!! Does she butter it too? lol
    I am also really allergic to sweet annie ( boo hoo) and can not get too close to it or it makes my eyes swell and my eyes water and then comes the ....ahhhhchoo!!!
    Thanks too for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment!!

  6. Great post! What a job, working on a farm, but I bet it is so rewarding. Great pictures of Maddie and Chumlee :)
    Loved the first picture of your flowers and pumpkins together! Hey, if they are still living, keep on watering them :)