Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Flowers

  • The last couple days have been beautiful.
Yesterday I was outside all day.
I sowed flowers seeds in flats, it is so nice to do outside.
We heard spring peepers last night, love the sound.
I finished this rug and listed it on Ebay today.
It is a Country Stitches design.
I just love chicks and rabbits.

Every day we have been getting more crocuses blooming.The bees are buzzing all over them.
Our dogs love to watch the chicks.
They will probably be scared of them when they get bigger.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Julie,
    I love the colors you used in the rug. The picture of the dogs watching the chicks is precious.

  2. Julie ~
    I just love your rugs!!!
    Hooray for spring flowers!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. The dogs are so funny peeping in at the peeps!! I love the spring peepers too. I used to have them near my old house and I miss them. You really have Spring there full-time!! Your rug is great!

  4. I love your rug...and I really like the idea of the bench in the garden with the birdhouse, etc. on it. Lovely idea...and I sure do wanna go get some chicks of my own...they are of these years I just going to do it!

  5. Love your rug, Julie! I can't wait to see your gardens. Every year they are more and more beautiful..I still think you should be a REALLY good friend and come up to Michigan and design mine :-)!

  6. YAY! Spring is here! Such a blessing to see the new shoots sprouting up this time of year... Love the pic of the two pups watching over the chicks! Cute!

  7. I just love love love this rug!!!!

  8. Julie,
    I LOVE your rug! You've captured springtime perfectly! Your dogs watching the little peepers is too precious! Can't wait for some spring to come our way........ to see a little life popping up in the garden would be wonderful!!!
    Cathy G

  9. That is the cutest picture of the dogs and the little babies! Jimmie Dean would go crazy and scare the little things to death!
    Love your Easter rug too. Hope it does well on Ebay.

  10. love your rug...great colors! and your dogs are cute!! thanks for sharing Julie!

  11. Your dogs are adorable watching the chicks! Love the rug .... you sure have a way with colors! Hope you get lots of bids.