Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st

What a beautiful sunny day!
The flood water has went down.
My husband had a meeting in Mt. Hope, so I dropped him
off and I went to Berlin.
Bought a couple patterns at Country Craft Cupboard.
Visted a couple thrift stores and went to the grocery store.
When I got home I noticed the first crocuses in the yard blooming.
When I see these crocuses, spring is very near.
Have a great evening!


  1. Yippee! The first crocus!! It's coming, it's actually coming! Spring is coming!

    Sounds like a fun day! Did you find anything good at the thrift stores?

  2. Julie ~
    What a great day! I hope you found some treasures!
    My snowdrops are about ready to bloom and so is a little yellow flower whose name I can never remember. It is wonderful to see the sun!
    Pug hugs:)

  3. Just visiting blogs and when I read your post and saw you went shopping in Berlin, I had to say hello. I am new to blogging only about 2 months having my own blog but just became a follower of yours. I was so fortunate last fall to vacation in Berlin for a week. This was absolutely the most wonderful trip I have ever taken. I can still dream of the sound of the horses hoofs coming down the roads. We drove almost 800 miles to visit there and surrounding areas. Just didn't have enough time. Here in Ga primitive stores can not be found, only several that I know of in the state. I was in heaven. Are planning a trip back in Sept. but with gas prices,, it might just be a dream. Please visit my blog and would love to become friends.

  4. Ahhhhhhh... lovely little crocuses!!! Smiles to you!

  5. Hi Julie, I just love the craft cupboard. I have not seen any thrift stores around there though. Are they a secret or can you share the locations? If they are top secret I will understand. I can't wait to see your new patterns finished. You get so many things finished. I just might get there someday. hehe Have a good day. Lisa

  6. I go to Save and Serve in Millersburg. The Mennonite church in Millersburg runs it. I think alot of the proceeds help the people in Haiti. There is also a Goodwill.
    Also, in Berlin there is one called Share and care on 62.

  7. Hello you know we must be really blessed here in Ohio.. we have Thrift stores everywhere... I would die as would my business without thrift stores..

    don't it just tickle ya to see the Crocus Popping up... Raining here again today so the river is sure to flood be days end...

    Stay dry and warm over there in Loudenville...