Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leaves,Rugs and a Blimp Flying Over

It has been beautiful here. My husband, Tom, has been combining soybeans, the weather has been perfect for that.
It seems like all the leaves fell in one day. We haven't gotten a killing frost yet. We have gotten spotty frosts. Have alot of raking to do.
This is the maple tree in our front yard.

I hooked another turkey rug and I will list it on Ebay tonight. I had lots of the same color wool left from the last rug. I love this design, it is fun to hook.

The other day we noticed a blimp flying over. They fly over our farm alot, it is
flying back to Akron, Ohio.

I finished this snowman rug yesterday. I got the pattern last year from Lori Brechlin but, never made it. I love the blue background. I dyed the wool this week and really like the color. I will list this rug on ebay tonight also.
I have a busy week, I'd rather be super busy than bored LOL!!
I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Great fall pics and great rugs as usual - I need your ambition!

  2. The rugs look wonderful. I know how you feel to have the noise of the blimp flying over. I live in akron and it flies over so often. I couldn't believe how loud it was though the other day. It actually scared me a little. It sounded different. I was releaved when I saw it thru the trees. Hope you have a good week.

  3. what a cool looking rug! love it!

  4. Julie ~
    I love the rare occasion when a blimp flies over. I think it is so cool.
    I just love both your rugs. I'm with Joanne ~ I need some of that ambition, too.
    Hugs :)

  5. Love the turkey rug ~ I have it in my stash of to-do rugs!! And the snowman is so cute!! I'm sure you're never bored ~ me either!! Enjoy this nice fall season!

  6. Your rugs are great... and that blue is just beautiful.

  7. Beautiful hooked rugs!!!! I also like the picture of the UFO, er, blimp, too!

  8. LOVE the you have a link to your ebay ?

  9. The rugs are so beautiful...and the We have had so many windy days that we dont have many in the yard. Dianntha