Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crocuses In Full Bloom

I really appreciate all your nice comments in my anniversary post!!

I went outside today and couldn't believe how many crocuses were blooming. I just can't resist those cute little flowers. This is the most I've ever had blooming. We don't use lawn chemicals so, each year they have increased.
Hopefully, I can get hooking a rug. I have taken a couple days off from hooking. I've been doing some much needed spring cleaning. Hope everyone has a great evening!


  1. Beautiful. Your field of crocuses puts my little tulip sprout to shame! Oh, and happy belated anniversary. :)

  2. Julie ~
    Love the crocuses. I have lots of spring bulbs, but don't know why I don't have even one crocus.
    It was a very pleasant day "up north" today and I actually got a bit of yard work done. Hopefully I'll get more done tomorrow!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Those crocuses are so beautiful! They look even better because there is sun shining on them! :-) Spring cleaning is starting today over here!

  4. WOw.....it is so much beautiful....