Sunday, September 20, 2009

~Malabar Farm In the Spirit of Friends Show~

Left to right: Lisa, Kaye, me, Lori, Sherry, Karin, Bobbie

I had a fun weekend!! First, on Friday I went to Katie's house for a wool sale. She was selling it by the bag, I bought 14 bags. Saturday morning I met Sherry and her husband and took Sherry first to Katie's house so she could buy wool. Katie still had plenty of wool. Sherry bought 14 bags and I bought 2 more. It's addictive!! We then headed to Malabar Farms, where we were meeting our internet friends. We met at Bobbie's booth at 12:00. Sherry spotted Zoe first, that is Lori Rippey's adorable little Yorkie. It was so much fun talking with everyone that you usually don't see face to face.
I got to meet Sheila, don't know why she isn't in the picture. Also, got to see Rhonda~ myglorystars, Julie Thornton~crudeblackewe, Alice~folkartprimitives. It was so nice talking to everyone. Lori and her husband drove 14 hours from Northern Michigan. Bobbie's from Michigan also but, not as far north.

Also, I met Stacy Nash. I love her patterns and her finished cross stitch pieces. I bought her book, can't wait to get started. There will be a little twist to the pattern, Stacy said it would ok. So stay tuned LOL!!


  1. Wasn't that a fun day? I wish we could get together more often. We would have so much fun hooking and shopping! It was so nice to meet with everyone!

  2. THE BESTEST DAY that I've had in a loooong time!!!!!

    Wish we could get together all the time!!!


  3. That was a great day, if we were together more often think of the damage we could do and the fun we would have doing it. Between hooking, stitching, laughing, and shopping we wouldn't have time left for anything else, but that would be okay.

  4. Nice to see all you gals and thanks for stopping by! It was a great day, for sure!!

  5. What a fun fun fun day you must have all had! :)



  6. From all the blogs and pics - looked like a WONDERFUL show and day - and how much fun was that you got to meet up with everybody! that's it road trip from PA next year! LOL!

  7. Oh my goodness, I saw all of you girls. The show was GREAT!!!! I think we should all start wearing name tags LOL


    PS I have pics on my blog of the show.

  8. This was such a wonderful show. A primkeepers dream. It was great meeting everyone and Julie, I wish we lived closer.

  9. This was one of the BEST days of my life!!! I wish I lived closer so I could see you girls more often. What a day!!

    Lori R