Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~Hooking With Friends~

This is Rhonda ~myglorystars. Love the rug she is hooking! The colors she chose are beautiful.

Lots of beautiful wool.

Stacy and Katie

Katie's beautiful Persian cat.

This is a rug that hangs above the mantle. It is Katie and her sister on the beach at Lakeside/Marblehead, Ohio.

This is the rug that Stacy was working on, love the colors she used.
The picture below is the rug Katie is working on for charity.

Last night I went to hook with some girls. This is a first for me. Can you believe I've never hooked with anyone?? I like to talk instead of working on hooking but, I did hook. Katie has a Townsend so, I got to cut all my wool with it. It does "cut like butter". Katie has beautiful wool. Rhonda~myglorystars and Stacy were there.
They don't hook in the summer so, this is the first one. Katie is working on a huge rug that she is going to sell and give the money to a family. When she decides to do this I will put all the info. on my blog.


  1. Hope you come and hook with us again, we enjoyed having you there.

  2. I'm glad you found a group to hook with. Besides helping so much with hooking advice, they'll become your good friends too! Fun projects they're working on!

  3. Looks like you had such a nice time, Julie!! Lucky you, having such a nice group to hook with and look at all the glorious wool!!!


  4. It looks like you found a great group to hook with.
    Lots of beautiful rugs in the works.


  5. Isn't Katie the best. I don't know the other girls, but I know hooking and making friends is what it is all about. Glad you had such a great time.

  6. Julie, that is great that you found someone to hook with! I hope you continue to take the time for yourself and go do it again and again...

  7. Julie ~
    Looks like you had a great time. It was less than a year ago that I met some fellow hookers (I think you know them all) and I really enjoy getting together with them. They inspire me!

  8. I agree love those colors. Looks like you were all having a wonderful time together. All those gorgeous wools!!!! yummy ;)

  9. Our group is back to hooking every other week for the fall and winter months. And like you, I tend to talk more than hook. Although last night I got a lot done (hooking!) I really look forwards to seeing what everyone is working on.

  10. Hi Julie - I couldnt' help but look at those wools again. They are so delicous!! HOw do we get some of Katie's wools or is it just for those who can stop by?
    I love that rug myglorystars is working on...what pattern is it?
    Isn't it fun to hook with others?!

  11. The wool alone made me drool not to mention the pic's of the rugs in progress. I am jealous.. LOL