Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~Sunflowers, Zinnias and Dahlias~

I put up the 1st fall decoration. This year I'm hoping to get all my fall decorations out,last year I didn't.

My Zinnias are in full bloom, trying to keep the dead flowers cut so they keep on blooming.

Dahlias in many colors.

Volunteer sunflowers. I don't know what variety they are but, that is 1 plant.

This hanging wire basket still blooming, some of the other ones have died.

Sedums and Hens and Chicken planted in child's rubber boot.


  1. All your flowers look beautiful! I just cleaned up outside and got rid of everything. I didn't do a good job of keeping them alive this year. You however, did wonderful!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Julie, your gardens and flowers are always beautiful. But as someone who always checks in here but rarely posts, might I ask a question?

    I have a small container that I bought at Lowe's this spring. It looks like a strawberry pot but is filled with hens and chicks.

    As we enter fall, can I replant the hens and chicks to my garden and will they survive the winter? Or are they doomed and I'll need to replant the pot with new succulents come spring?

    I love flowers but really am no gardener. I stick to the perennials and plant what I like the looks of.

    Thanks for your gorgeous pictures that inspire me to become a better gardener.

  3. Gorgeous!!! This was the first year that I grew zinnias ~ a friend gave me a couple of plants and they are so showy ~ next year, I will definitely have more! And you do a great job of keeping your gardens looking good thru the summer!

  4. JoJo,
    I don't know what state you live in but, in the fall I would take them out and plant them in the ground. Your pot might break if you leave it out. I'm assuming it is breakable? You can hardly kill hens and chicken(they are hardy) so, in the spring plant them back in you pot. Thank you for your nice comments.

    Thanks Kathy and Alice!!

  5. Julie - your gardens are always so beautiful. I love that birdhouse!

  6. I just love your wonderful garden pictures!

  7. Julie, thanks for your answer to my question about the hens and chicks. Actually, the container is plastic (heavy plastic) that looks like a short, squat strawberry pot. And I'm in Kansas, Topeka specifically.

  8. Julie...your flowers are amazing! I have never seen flowers that bloom like yours!!! You must feed them Rapid or Miracle Grow every day! Gorgeous...thanks for post the pictures!

  9. JoJo~I think I would still take the hens and chicks. Because the pot might freeze solid. It would probably make it but, if I like plants I usually don't take chances.