Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~Iris, Hostas, and Peonies~

I've noticed this year how nice everyone's Irises are. Here are a couple pictures of mine.

Hostas are so pretty this time of year. The leaves have just opened and they look so fresh. As you can see I love Hostas, it has taken me years to collect lots different ones.

In the front of our house we have a Yellow Azalea bush. It is very old, Tom's grandma planted it years ago. It smells so good, usually there are alot more blooms. I'll take what we have, we had a very cold winter.

Where did last week go? I have been working in my flower beds spreading mulch. There are still lots of things I need to do but, the mulch is no. 1. It really cuts down on the weeds, so that saves so much time for me.


  1. A yellow azalea is kind of unusual, isn't it? Your gardens look so orderly ~ that may be because you work in them so much!!! Very beautiful, Julie!!

  2. I love your flower gardens, Julie. I have been working in mine for the past week. I have a collection of hostas and most of them are from my mom's house, so they are probably 40-50 years old. The dark green, emerald colored leaves are my favorites.


  3. As usual your gardens are great, look so bright and so inviting.
    My Peonies are getting ready to open, getting excited to see some color.

  4. Your gardens are looking so neat and beautiful! Love all the hostas and the iris reminds me of my grandma's gardens of long ago.

  5. Your gardens look great. I have been planting Hostas also, I love them, they are easy to grow in my area. I too am trying to obtain many different varities of Hostas
    The ones I have planted look great

  6. Julie your flower gardens are quite beautiful. Love seeing them.
    We started laying mulch last week...still not done. So much work but it has to be done.