Monday, May 18, 2009

~PRHG Pattern Book~

This rug was hooked by Lori Rippey~Michigan. I'm so honored that she hooked my design.I love it Lori!!

This needle punch is by Marte Bordeaux~Florida. I just love it!! She has it on Ebay right now. Thanks Marte for hooking my pattern!!
Everyone from PRHG just submitted patterns to our PRHG Pattern Book. Thanks to Marte~Boggy Creek Primitives who put the book together. This is the pattern I submitted. I just love the way Marte and Lori did their rugs.


  1. Julie,

    Thank you for offering us such a neat pattern! It was just what I needed to hang above my dolls.

    Lori R

  2. It's a great pattern ~ is that a pattern book that non-members can buy? I have a small black doll collection ~ that would be perfect!

  3. I would love to buy the book too and I am a member of PRHG. Just haven't gotten ANY emails in a long time!

  4. The PRHG pattern book is just for members that submit a pattern. Even if you are a member of PRHG and don't send in a pattern they can't get the book. In fact the last book that came out, I didn't draw up a pattern and have no idea what was in it. Unless someone sold something on Ebay out of the book I have no idea what patterns where in it.
    Sorry about that.

  5. Love that pattern!! I swear I miss the pattern book deadline everytime. My fault..I need a personal assistant! lol

  6. I love your pattern, Julie! It is wonderful! couldn't have picked a more perfect place for your rug!


  7. Each one turned out so unique! Great pattern.

  8. Julie, you know I love the pattern, and I have 3 dolls on a bench just crying for that hooked rug. Next time I will get a pattern drawn up.

    You did such a great job and love your dolls. I have similar ones and they always make me smile. I want to come to your house and drool over all your stuff!!!

  9. Awwww thank you Julie for posting a picture of my finished needle punch using your WONDERFUL design! I soooooo love that design.