Wednesday, February 22, 2017

3 sheep and 2 dogs

 I hooked another sheep rug with a
dark background.
It is by Teresa Miller.
Love sheep!
 My Goldens napping.
These 2 have it made!!
More spring flowers blooming.
Spring 3 weeks early, I think
it's too good to be true. LOL!
Have a great evening!


  1. My winter aconite is blooming, too, along with the snowdrops!
    LOVE your rug and your furbabies.

  2. Love your latest rug. Wish I could lounge around like your pups..they have the right idea. Janice

  3. Your rug is precious. And those goldens, well you know how I feel about them. I'd love to lay and cuddle with them. Flowers are beautiful. It was 75 today. I had to go to a doc appt, wore long sleeves and wish I would have worn short sleeves, however I wore my flip flops. Loved that feeling of feet feeling free!! I still think that we are going to get hit my mother nature with snow. We have had no snow at all here. We need snow, the farmers need snow. So I'm still hoping that we get one big whopper and then I'll be satisfied!


  4. I love the rug!
    Such sweet babies, they have their own sofa, I see! 😊