Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day

 Have a happy Memorial Day!
Thanks all that have served our country.
I planted our vegetable plants today.
I like planting succulents,
they are so easy to grow.

 Our Azalea is blooming, it reminds
me of Grandma Butler.
She was in the garden club and
bought this when she went to the Cleveland
Home and Garden show.

My lady slipper is blooming also.
I was in the garden club and
one of the ladies gifted me this plant.
I cherish it.


  1. I cannot think of a more beautiful gift than a lady's slipper. I love both pink and yellow. Lady's slippers are my favorite flower. I do not have one but every year we go to the Smoky Mts during the wild flower season and hope we get to see them in bloom. This year our timing was off and we did not get to see them, so I love seeing yours.

  2. Your gardens are lovely. I really like this rug. It turned out really nice.

  3. LOVE that succulent wreath!
    Happy Memorial Day.

  4. Beautiful pics, Julie! The rug is wonderful!! Lori

  5. great garden pics and love the eagle rug