Thursday, November 13, 2014

Not Ready For Snow

 Many states are getting snow!!
It can wait to arrive here. LOL!
I am seeing Christmas commercials
and Christmas music.
My sister inlaw has always worked
in retail stores. She does NOT like
Christmas music.
So, when I hear it I laugh to myself because
Barb says she gets sick of it.
I hooked another rug from Bird
in the Hand.

This is Monte who is a Golden Doodle.
He is my daughter's dog.
This is the progression from puppy till now.
Monte is so sweet!!
Lindsay has been teaching him commands
in Spanish. It seems he listens better in Spanish,
than English.
Have a great evening!


  1. I'm not ready for snow either. It's supposed to make it's ugly appearance here tomorrow. On the bright side it's a good excuse to hook all weekend. Monte is adorable

  2. Love live love your rugs..... No snow here in Ohio at least in northeast, but cold.....
    Monte is adorable, I love the progression pictures!!! How neat to use a different language and he listens better, must be the tones used in it.....
    Stay warm!!

  3. Very nice rug. What book is this pattern from?

  4. I have worked retail for years and still love Christmas get so busy at work, you don't even hear it...
    Love the rug. We had enough wet snow last night to just cover the grass...

  5. We haven't had snow in 15 years and I think some would be lovely. :) I am happy with fog though.
    I love that pattern. Just seeing your Christmas rugs makes me want to jump in and get started decorating. Have a wonderful weekend. Oh, and Monte is just a sweetie.

  6. Morning, got snow!!!! We do... Love Monte what a sweet face and adore your rug, love. Blessings Francine.

  7. Don't know which I like best....your rug or adorable Monte

  8. The rug is awesome! Monte is adorable. A golden doodle that "speaks" Spanish! Or maybe it's just that he doesn't like what he hears in english!! You know my Britty always used to have selective hearing!!! xoxox