Monday, September 22, 2014

The 1st Day of Fall

 Today is officially the first 
day of first of fall.
Time to get out the fall decorations!
 This is the latest rug I've hooked. It
is a design by Country Stitches.
Trapped LOL!
We feed the farm cats 
and Maddie likes to eat the cat food.
So we put this fireplace screen in front of the 
cat food so she couldn't get to it.
Well, I went outside and she got the food.
Caught in the trap! LOL!
Have a great day!!


  1. Poor Maddie. Looks like she is giving you her "I'm sorry Mom" face. Love your new rug. Janice

  2. Maddie is looking pretty guilty!! Poor baby. Love the rug Julie and your fall arrangement with the old door and cart. Looks wonderful. Hugs, Lori