Saturday, August 2, 2014

Iowa Move

Here it is, my daughter's new home.
Tom and I left last Tuesday to move Lindsay and her dog, Monte
to Toledo, Iowa.
Lindsay and I went out to Iowa in June.
We looked at 10 houses in 1 day and she fell in love with this one.
She put in an offer and they accepted.    
Lindsay started her new job yesterday.
We are happy she and Monte have a 
nice home to live in. It makes the move alot easier.     
 We found out that Lindsay is the 5th person to own this house.
It has fence around and this is the beautiful gate.
 Monte has settled in, I'm so glad she has him to 
keep her company.

This is the living room.
It has the original pocket doors.
The house has the original lighting fixture that are so pretty.
We were only gone 4 days.
It is hard for both of us to leave the farm at the same time.
Everything was fine when we got home.Thanks to
my son, Danny and our friend, Steve.



  1. What a beautiful home! Congrats to Lindsay. What a fine young woman.
    Hugs :)

  2. Morning, love the new home, nice floors, Francine.

  3. Oh my goodness! Gorgeous home! Love that the interior remains original (especially the wood and that fixture)! Wishing her many happy years there! :-)

  4. welcome to Iowa !!!! I live just over a hour south of Tama in Ottumwa....such a beautiful Victorian home.....she will have fun decorating.

  5. Such a beautiful house!!! I would love to live there myself!!! Awesome!!!!

  6. What a gorgeous home and grounds. I can see why she fell in love with it. The fence is amazing. And I have to say that Mr. Monte is just about the cutest pup I've ever seen.

  7. Lucky couple! It is a beautiful home!!!!!!

  8. Very lucky lady! Gorgeous home! I can just imagine decorating it!

  9. Congratulations to Lindsay and Monte! Their new home is gorgeous. I hope they will love their new life there. Hugs, Lori