Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rudolph and Santa Claus

I just finished hooking another Christmas rug.
It's coming so fast.
I'm trying to get things done early this year.
The weather is good here this week so, I want to decorate outside.
It will be nice to get lights up before it gets freezing cold.
I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving.


  1. I LOVE this rug so much!! Is it for sale?? ;)

  2. Love this rug! I think it might be because of that red nose? :-) As soon as the wind stops here, I've got one more leaf raking to do... then I can get some Christmas decorations out before the 30 degree weather comes next monday... I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving too! Did someone say pie? ;-)

  3. What a adorable rug, so sweet, love Santa.....Happy decorating, Francine.

  4. Thank you all! Yes it's for sale Penny.

  5. Another sweet rug...Let me tell ya as soon as the wind stops howling the swags are going up!!! Christmas is coming so fast, I just want time to slow down so I can just enjoy it...Greetings from Maine

  6. I love love this rug! Background color is awesome. Great job! Janice

  7. I love that rug! you are a hooking machine! we are cold and blowing here we are already at 28 and it is 6pm brrr time to put the woolies on.