Friday, September 20, 2013

Chickens and PHM Sept.Update

 Another month has flown by and it is September 
Primitives Handmades Mercantile update.
I hooked 3 rugs for the update.
This one is my own design.

 I designed this one also. 
 This is a design by Buttermilk Basin.

 My chickens have been laying eggs and I didn't know.
They were laying eggs up on the shelf.
So I put this nesting box up. 
This girl sits up there all the time now.

 I have 1 rooster and the rest are hens. Aren't they pretty?
Until next time....


  1. I wouldn't mind having a nesting box like that! Pretty snazzy digs these girls have. And they deserve it!

  2. love your rugs! do you have a pattern for the one on top, the cabin, etc??

    1. Hi Sandi!
      Thanks! I haven't publishing any patterns, just hooked them.