Monday, July 1, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away!!!

 It has been raining daily here, it can stop, we've had
enough rain for awhile.
I just finished this rug, it is version
of a Polly Minick pattern.
Hers was alot bigger!
You can't see in the picture but, I used different blue wools .
This past weekend was Katie's hookin at Kingwood in Mansfield.
I bought some wool, of course, never have enough!!
Also, bought flowers in the greenhouse.
2 things I have an addiction to. LOL!! 

 I have several Fairy gardens. 
I love collecting plants and little things 
to put in them.I bought the hypertufa container  last fall 
at the Rural Society Antique Garden Show.
 I found this old drawer in one of our barns.
There's alot of primitive stuff like this in our barns.
People used to these to put nuts and bolts old drawers.
Since we hardly had rain last summer, I thought I would
plant a succulent planter this year.
Of course, now it's raining like crazy.
Hope the plants don't die from too much rain.
That's the way it goes here at Butler Farms.
Have a great day!!


  1. Beautiful hooked rug - I clicked on the picture and I could see the changes in the blues - very nice.
    Such pretty gardens.
    blessings and happy 4th week

  2. Love that blue & white rug - clean & crisp looking! And your fairy gardens are darling! I'm hoping to make one in an old wheelbarrow. I've got a small tire from one of my son's car model kits and I'm going to try to make a tire swing for it - won't that be fun?

  3. Afternoon, what a beautiful rug, I do love me stars,:)....wonderful Fairy gardens, so sweet.....Hope the sun does shine for you soon, Francine.

  4. Love the rug and your fairy gardens are so sweet! It was so nice seeing you on Saturday! It was a wonderful hook relaxed and the shopping was fun too!! Maybe I'll run into at Sauder in August!

  5. Love the plants in the drawer! Can I come and dig through your barn, lol?!?! Lucky lady. :-) Nice seeing you at Kingwood. I wasn't feeling very well, but it was fun to see my bloggin friends. :-)

  6. love your rug, love the blue!
    the little gardens are just too cute!

  7. It's either feast or famine with the rain, isn't it? Sweet fairy gardens.
    Kingwood was great fun! So good to see you. I didn't even venture to the greenhouse...didn't want to have to plant!
    Hugs :)