Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bee Skep Rug

We have signs of spring and snow in Ohio. I love spring!
Getting excited for some nice weather.
I have been thinking about what flowers I want to plant.
Unfortunately, I won't be planting any impatients this year.
All of mine died last summer. 
Finished this beehive rug today.
I hooked it and the design is by
 Vintage Heart Primitives- YvonneSlater Buus.
Have a great evening!


  1. Love the new rug. The only signs of spring here are one spring snow storm after another. Really tired of that :(

  2. sweet little rug Julie ~ can't wait for some dirt-digging myself :)

  3. Evening, what a sweet beehive rug, love it......still winter here, yuk...need some Spring, Francine.

  4. Cute rug, love those bee skeps , and as always your work is perfection !.... I am getting antsy to put in my garden , and do some serious flower thinning and adding ( just bought this place last year and needed other work, so I have tons of flower beds that need lots of TLC)...

  5. Julie ~
    LOVE the shape of your rug!!!
    I don't think spring is ever going to come to northern Ohio...sigh. I am so tired of the cold. I sure hope we don't skp spring!
    Hugs :)

  6. Beautiful rug! Nothing says summer like bee skeps and flowers! My garden will be smaller this year as the deer and rabbit ate most of what I planted last year...

  7. I like the irregular top edge of your new rug - it turned out great!

  8. Julie, I love your new rug. What part of Ohio are you in? About your impatiens, did you plant them in shade? They can't take any hot sun, I can't think of what else would have killed them.

    1. Melinda-It is Downy Mildew. It is a huge problem,if you get it it kills all of the plants. The greenhouse said it is now in my soil. The only thing that kills it on the plant costs hundreds of dollars. I have planted them for years,rotating them so they aren't planted the same place year after year. I live in Loudonville,actually live in Holmes County. Central Ohio.

  9. love your bee skip rug! i love bee skips and have been wanting to make some of the cement ones... maybe this year? so much id like to do... enjoy your day!

  10. Love this artist. So many wonderful patterns.