Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dyeing Wool

It is spring time weather in Ohio, it's not going to last long though. The weather is always changing. Last week I dyed wool. It's fun when everything turns out the way you want. Since I have been dyeing wool for a few years, I have a few favorite recipes. The colors always come out the way I want them too.
Here are some on our coffee table/ chicken incubator. I love this, got it at an auction.
This is one of the reasons why I like to dye. I bought this wool cheap and overdyed it an pumpkin color. I still have lots more wool to dye. Hoping it is not too foggy in the morning. Have a great evening!


  1. Julie ~
    Great colors. One of these days I am going to make the time to try dyeing. (Yeah, I know I keep saying that and it hasn't happened yet.)
    Today felt like spring but you are so right that it isn't going to last long. We can only dream of spring. I have flowers budding. I hope we don't get too hard a freeze.
    Hugs :)

  2. Evening, I agree, beautiful colors.....love all the colors, Francine.

  3. Your wools are awesome !! I've only dabbled in dyeing....I need to up my stash of dyes...but with what I've got, it's a shame I don't do more...you've inspired me !!

  4. Yep, beautiful colors! I haven't dyed anything in a while. I have some skeins of yarn I want to try. Maybe tomorrow. :-) It was so nice today wasn't it? The fog was thick this morning though.

  5. Gorgeous woollies! And I LOOOOOVE that coffee table!!! We have pea soup fog here this morning... going to be super windy later today... bring on Spring!!!!

  6. Ahhh, you did good! Wonderful colors! I would like to dye a few pieces I have like your original piece you showed...I need to do a little research on where to begin...

  7. great colors Julie...I'm with Sharon...your coffee table is wonderful!!!
    I'm planning on dyeing this weekend...the lack of certain colors has brought my hooking to a halt...

  8. Wow - the before and after picture of the wool says it all - GREAT job and beautiful new colors!

  9. Your wool looks great, haven't dyed wool in awhile but for me it is always and adventure.
    Love your incubator, have one that is on legs in my sunroom, such a neat piece. Love yours as a coffee table.

  10. Wow - that is amazing! LOVE the dyed wool.