Friday, August 10, 2012

Witch Rug, Chickens and Puppies

Friday... that was fast!! I have been REALLY busy this week around Butler Farms- that is for sure! I did finish this rug. It is in one of Lori Brechlin's Not Forgotten Farms OOP booklets. This is a design I have wanted to hook. There's a few more that I've never hooked in some other booklets.
The chickens.... that isn't going so well. We have decided we cannot have free range chickens here on Butler Farms. Maddie has never bothered the chickens till she had puppies. Last night they came up on my porch and roosted.
I registered the puppies online thru AKC, just waiting for the papers in the mail. They are so fun. They will be 7 weeks Sunday. Some one picked one out last night and we painted his toe nails with polish-he looks pretty HA!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Julie


  1. Poor chickens. And poor Maddie, lol! All those puppies to look after. :-)

  2. Awww...those pups look so much like my dog Ginger when she was a pup! She is 12 years old now and aging fast. Her weight has always been a max of 24 lbs so she is sort of a mini golden. Looked just like your pups, but I bet she was smaller. So cute! I bet you will hate to see them adopted...

  3. oh my gosh! love those beautiful puppies! and momma! our golden sally girl is 15 yrs and still beautiful! love your chickens, rugs, boy i need to grab a cup of coffee and catch up! maybe in the morning! enjoy your evening!

  4. This rug is awesome Julie!!!!! Really love the design and your colors are perfect! Your puppies are so cute. I always wanted a litter but my husband doesn't.