Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st

March came in like a lamb here in Ohio today. The birds are singing outside like it's spring. Yesterday, Feb.29th Country Craft Cupboard in Berlin had a special sale. If you were the first 29 customers you got 29% off your entire purchase!! We were the first ones, there were about 7 Amish ladies behind us. It was fun!!! Today I hooked all day and stayed off my computer. I finished this rug, it is an adaption of a Kathy Schmitz design. It was a fun rug to hook. I did list it on Ebay tonight. I also got a couple other patterns drawn up on linen so, I can use up all this wool I've been buying. Until next time... Julie


  1. Julie I love your rug!The colors are beautiful.Hugs,Jen

  2. I'm not sure what Michigan came in, cause it was freezing rain with snow this morning and rain your rug. Take care, Janice

  3. Our weather started weird, rain, snow, rain, then
    Your rug is beautiful...See what staying off the computer will bring forth ??...Ahhhh,,,we know tis only'd miss us all too much !!!

  4. March here came floating in on lots of little snow flakes. We got about 6 or so inches last night. It is now snowing again,not sure how much to expect.

    I love your rug.

    If you'd like to stop by to visit me I am at: and

    Take care, Janet W

  5. Love the rug Jules. Here in Pennsylvania we've had only about a flake this year. Very odd and I miss the snow and icy cold weather. Still waiting for a nice snow storm but I might be running out of time!


  6. *****beautiful...and excellent hooking technique! you, lori rippey and rhonda thomas are remarkable needlewomen. always
    a pleasure to view your latest work. thanks.

  7. Another wonderful rug Julie! Love the colors. Hugs, Lori