Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Our family went to my mom and dad's house, my sister
and her family were there. Also, my mom's neighbor.
We were just getting ready to eat and my dad
got a nose bleed.
It was so bad he had to go to the Emergency Room.
They couldn't get it to stop.
Lindsay, my daughter, drove them.
They were back in couple hours.
Poor dad had all this stuff shoved up his nose.
He has never gotten a nose bleed like that!
He's fine now.
I finished hooking this Santa rug yesterday.
It is a Country Stitches design.
I've got it on Ebay.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Julie ~
    Now that's a memorable Thanksgiving. I'm so glad your Dad is okay.
    Love the rug. I hope your bids are plentiful and high.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Popped by your site and love your rugs, they are so lovely. Hugs, Charlotte x

  3. I like the rug, I love the Santa. Great pattern.
    Happy your dad is Ok. I have a granddaughter who gets nose bleeds.

  4. So glad your Dad was taken care of quickly and nothing too serious came of it. Wow! Love that santa rug!!!

  5. Glad your dad is better. Hope they checked his blood pressure!!

  6. Hope your dad is feeling better. you are a hooking machine you hook so fast. I love the santa rug.
    and as always thanks for your visit.

  7. I was "blog hopping" and just came across you. What a delight blog you have. It was so nice to read some of your recent posts. LOVE your farm life (the hawk release was really interesting) and so enjoy seeing your hooked creations. I'm not a "hooker", but have several friends who are. However, I do design patterns and make seasonal fabric decoratives for local shows and shops. I hope to put them on a website, but just haven't followed through with that, yet. Just had my last show of the season and I'm thrilled to have time away from it all for a bit. I need to get down to the business of decorating our home for Christmas.

    I just had to leave you a comment to tell you how much I enjoyed finding you. Happy Holidays. Dana

  8. Fabulous rug! Glad your dad is ok! You'll never forget that Thanksgiving.