Sunday, July 26, 2009

~Harvest Moon Rug~

I just listed this rug on Ebay. It was hooked by me and the design is Lori Brechlin's from her booklet Harvest Tyme. The booklet has alot of great designs in it. If you want to order patterns from Lori, I have her blog listed. She sells her patterns from her picture trail.
I'm in the mood to hook fall rugs, I started another rug yesterday. The summer is flying by, trying to slow down and enjoy the cooler weather.
We are getting a new roof put on our house. I feel sorry for the guys doing it, there were 3 layers of shingles. It took them 4 days to peel off the shingles, what a mess. We are having a metal roof instead of shingles, can't wait for it to be done!!


  1. I'm loving your Harvest Moon rug. Very nice.

    I know you're going to love your new roof. I haven't had mine done since '94 but need to start thinking about it soon. I saw lots of metal roofs the last time we went to Maine to see family. They come in such pretty colors and I'd love to have one but don't know how they'd stand up to Kansas hail.

    Also, aren't they much more expensive than regular asphalt shingles??

  2. The rating for hail was better for the metal than the shingles. There are ALOT of people around here putting metal on instead of shingles. We have had alot of high winds so that's why we switched.

  3. Julie ~
    You are so right ~ summer is just flying by. I can't believe it's almost August.
    Love your latest always!
    Please post pictures when your roof is done. I'm sure it will look great.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. I love metal roofs! Your house is already pretty, but this will be beautiful, too. Love the rug!