Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~Follow The Leader~

It's stormy in Ohio right now. I have been trying to update my blog and the internet has been very SLOWWWWW! I've been busy working outside the past few days. Yesterday I was in the pastures spraying the fence rows. The cows didn't notice for awhile, then all of a sudden I had 100 heifers following me. They are so curious. They are very gentle, we don't have any bulls in the pasture with them.
After I was finished I went through the lot and noticed one of them had a calf. That doesn't happen too often because they are usually taken back to their home farm to have their babies. Mom and baby are doing fine. We have over 100 heifers and this little calf is getting taken care of. I went down last night to check on the calf and they were surrounding her. I got in the middle of them they started licking me, guess that's where the term "Cow Lick" comes from . LOL!

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