Thursday, October 30, 2008

~*Patriotic Flag Rug*~

This is a rug that I made for a birthday gift. I made it for Chris, she's giving the rug to her MIL Eileen for her birthday. This rug is a Blackbird Design. I have been really busy and haven't been blogging. I'm trying to get another rug hooked. It is a fall rug~I think it's the last fall rug I'm hooking.

Yesterday my mom and I went down to Columbus to go shopping. We had a good time. Also, we stopped at The Ohio State Universary to visit Lindsay. She's doing great and loves living in Columbus. There is so much to do there.

Hopefully it will warm up in Ohio. It was 21 on the thermometer this morning. I need to spend a day outside and clean up. I usually wait till every leaf has dropped from the trees.LOL!! And AWAYS hope for high winds to blow all the leaves away.

1 comment:

  1. Julie,
    I too do the same thing..wait until the every leaf drops but this year the snow beat me.
    Love all your rugs!