Friday, September 19, 2008

Still No Electricity After IKE

I have been trying to be patient but, after 6 days without electric it is annoying!!! From our house to the end of the road nobody has electric. The lines are laying on the ground. I even called the fire dept. on Tuesday because of live wires in a tree laying on the roof of one of our rental houses.The firemen said it was bad. But they couldn't get a hold of the electric company and said we were on our own. Not to touch the tree. The renters weren't home when all this happened. When they did get there I raced down to tell them not to touch the tree. GEEZ!!
I'm waiting..... The first day without electric we hooked up our generator. I was thinking how thankful I was. Then we went black again. Our generator BROKE!!! So we had nothing till Tuesday, our friend got his electric so he brought over his generator. The problem is it runs off of diesel fuel~we've used over $350.00 worth now. We're even shutting it down at night. Soooo I called today and the recording says they will have everyone's electric on my midnight Sunday.


  1. Oh Julie, Sorry to hear of your loss of power. Glad everyone is ok, and will be praying for you all. 6 days is a long time. Praying you get it "before" Sunday.

  2. So sorry that you're having to go through this. I can't even imagine that. Hoping and praying that everything lights up on Sunday night.


  3. My youngest daughter in Cinci just got her's back yesterday afternoon. Hope you "get lucky" soon.


  4. Julie,
    I totally feel for you. We were without electricity for 12 days during an ice storm here in Missouri 2 years ago.....I guess, just be glad it's not freezing. Living without electricity for those 12 days TOTALLY made me appreciate the pioneers!!!!